How sweet is this?

Watch as Tim Tebow, who is trying to make the team for the Jacksonville Jaguars, gives a man his cross on the chain.

The family of "Chris" ran into Tebow as they were making their way down to the beach one afternoon and without any hesitation, Tebow gave the man, who is bound to a wheelchair, the cross and necklace from around his neck.

Tebow was on the beach doing a photo shoot for his new line of jewelry when the family came across him.

Facebook via Darrell Griswold
Facebook via Darrell Griswold

For some reason, Tebow has been labeled the "ANTI" since being invited to try out for the NFL team in Florida, but it's acts like this that really define him. And this isn't the first time I have seen Tebow stop what he was doing for a fan.

I love everything about this video and hope that Christopher wears the cross and necklace forever. I know it's a moment he and his family will never forget.

This is how we should all treat each other.


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