Tim McGraw gave fans quite a scare collapsing on stage earlier this month in Ireland; an incident he and his wife, Faith Hill, attributed to dehydration, as well as a little bit too much stress and air travel.

Thankfully the 50-year-old singer appears to be taking some apparently much-needed time off, as well as using this break to show off his irreverent sense of humor.

On social media Mar. 19, McGraw posted a shot of himself indulging in one of his favorite activities, spearfishing, in a lovely underwater shot.

"Hydrating," he wryly captioned the photo.

Let's hope he's actually drinking some potable water, as well as soaking up all that restful Vitamin Sea.

McGraw and Hill own a sweet dream-escape home in the Bahamas, which they escape to often, and this is likely where he is recuperating from his touring schedule. In 2017, McGraw posted numerous photos of his fishing catches, cliff dives, and various other vacation activities, all earning scads of fan accolades for his trim physique (in swimwear, of course!).

McGraw made headlines Mar. 11 when he dropped to his knees in front of a Dublin crowd following a performance of his hit song "Humble and Kind."

Watch as Tim McGraw Collapses in Dublin

After a lengthy break, Hill and the couple's band returned to the stage to explain what happened, adding that it was her decision not to allow McGraw to return to the stage. The couple now have a nice long vacation from performing live, before they will resume their Soul2Soul Tour in Richmond, Va. on May 31.

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