This past Sunday while Tim McGraw and wife Faith Hill were on tour in Ireland, McGraw passed out on stage in front of a sold out arena.  As the concert was nearing it's end, Tim had just finished a song, the spotlights go off, the crowd is cheering but on stage somethings not right.  It's dark, but, about 50 seconds into the video you hear the faint sound of the microphone hitting the stage floor.  The spotlight pops back on, you see Tim McGraw on his knees being helped then the spotlight quickly goes off.

Tim had just finished 'Humble and Kind' and was walking around as the crowd showed their gratitude with applause, cheers, whistles and screams.  Spectators said on the dimmed stage, he seemed slow after the song, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  And then the stage goes completely dark.  Again, not unusual after a live performance.

The stage stays dark for about 40 seconds longer than it should have.  The crowd starts to think something may be wrong with the lights or equipment, but that's when you hear the mic hit the stage floor.  In the video, it's faint, but you can hear it.  The crew rushes over to help the singer who, unbeknownst to most of the crowd, had dropped to his knees, tried to get up to sit down, but then fell forward.  A spotlight comes back on, this time showing McGraw on his knees surrounded by his band members.  But it quickly goes off, probably to give the star privacy.

As McGraw is taken off stage to get check by medics who were on hand in the arena, things settle down, then the lights come back on with Faith Hill and the band standing together in the front of the stage.  She apologizes, explains to the crowd that her husband had been dehydrated, but would be fine.  She then tells the Dublin crowd that SHE had made the decision that Tim would not be coming back out.  Faith then goes into the gospel song, 'What A Friend We Have In Jesus'.

Faith Hill Apologizes

Reports are that Tim McGraw is fine and the incident was due to a hectic schedule and dehydration.  We wish him good health.



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