Tiger Woods and his son, Charlie, had an eventful weekend playing in their first golf tournament together. The most special moment of the tournament came when Charlie recorded his first ever 'eagle' and Tiger's reaction to the whole thing is priceless.

The father-son duo took the golf world by storm over the weekend at the 'PNC Championship' where some of the most notable golfers in the world teamed up with a family member for some competitive fun.

You can check out the shot that set up Charlie's 'eagle' putt along with Tiger's emotional reaction from a YouTube video posted by PGA Tour below

"I remember doing it (making his first eagle) with my dad", said an emotional Tiger Woods in the interview.

Of course, Tiger was brought up in the game of golf by his father, Earl Woods. Now, Tiger gets the opportunity to take his son on that very same journey and the world of golf has never been more excited.

The whispers have been swirling for a while now about Charlie Woods' potential at being the next great golfer and his performance at this tournament only fueled the hype even further.

Just check out some highlights from Charlie's weekend in Orlando, FL below @PGATour

Of course Charlie and his Dad had to have matching outfits for the action, as they both rocked Tiger's signature 'Sunday Red' @PGATour

Tiger Woods spent most of the weekend reflecting on the incredible moments he and his son got to share. Just check out a perfect example of Tiger's reflection below @Daniel_Rapaport

Tiger Woods was indeed a proud Dad, as his son performed exceptionally well and got anyone who is a fan of golf excited about Charlie's potential future as one of the world's best golfers.

I, for one, have been encouraged to practice my golf-game more as 11-year-old Charlie would absolutely eat my lunch on the course any day!

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