In an update to the squirrel attack stories from New Orleans, including one caught on video, it seems that three of the possible attack squirrels were apprehended.

According to WWL, after the squirrel attack problems became known, the New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control jumped into action. They set up traps in the Lake Vista area that the attacks were happening. Three squirrels were caught in the traps.

It is said that there could have been up to six people that were attacked, including one that was caught on video. One man who was bitten is undergoing rabies shots.

But, what could it be that's making the squirrels so aggressive? According to Claudia Riegel of the Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board it's a probability that it's due to people feeding them. She also said that because these are unprovoked attacks that the squirrels that were caught will be sent for testing.

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