Three families are now left trying to pick up the pieces after there were two house fires in Lafayette Sunday.

Lafayette Fire Department spokesman Alton Trahan says the first fire happened at 207 Randoph Drive, and it ended up impacting two homes.

Trahan say the second fire happened at 108 James Street at around 1:30 yesterday afternoon.

Fire at 207 Randolph Dr.
Lafayette Fire Department Photo

The fire started at the Randolph Drive home at around 11:20 morning, and it was the neighbors who notified the people who live there that the house was on fire. Those neighbors are also having to deal with the results of the fire as the exterior of their home was heavily damaged by the flames.

Fire department officials report that there were no injuries of any occupants of these homes, and no firefighters were injured battling these blazes.

The fire on James Street started on the porch, and quickly spread to the inside of the home. This home sustained damaged not only to the outside of their home, but also to the inside.

Fire at 108 James St.
Lafayette Fire Department Photo

Trahan says the people who live at the James Street home were there at the time the blaze started. They were quickly able to get outside.

In addition to all of the damaged to the porch and inside of the home on Randolph Drive, the outside of their neighbor's home was also damage by the fire.

With this fire, officials say they know the fire got started in the carport area of the property. As far as the James Street scene, Trahan says the fire started on the front porch.

Trahan says they are still working to determine what started the Randolph Drive fire, but they do know that the fire on James Street was accidental.

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