Since it's so explicitly hot outside, we're always looking for ways to cool off. What better way than a nice lazy river?

And if you want the maximize the time you're in the water, you may want to visit a particular Texas water park. The lazy river at this park will cool you off for a bit longer than most.

By taking a trip to the Waco Surf Water Park in Waco, you could chill in the world's longest lazy river. It's a whopping 5,280 feet long!

Yep, that's a full one mile in length, making it not only the longest lazy river in the United States but the longest lazy river in the world.

According to a post by Waco Surf on social media, it will take you around 45 minutes to float down their river, or about three beers. (Clearly, they don't the same kind of people as we do.)

Of course, the lazy river is not the only thing to do at this water park.

Waco Surf is one of the largest inland surfing and water sports facilities in the country. It features a wakeboarding cable park, surf lagoon, water slides, a beach, and more.

If you'd like to stay on property, you can do that as they have cabins for rent and RV hookups available.

The park offers different passes that allow you access to some or all of what the facility has to offer. You can see pricing here.

Below is a quick video that shows you the highlights of this really cool water park. If you've visited this place, drop us a note and give a review of your visit.

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