Old people do a lot of things that the young people of today simply don't understand. Honestly, most young people think older people are just weird.

It's a different world today. Computers, HD television, Netflix, social media, cellphones, etc. all designed to crawl into our lives the minute we open our eyes in the morning and continue to eat away at our senses until we dose off at night. In the old days, there was AM radio, that's it. Eventually black and white TV with only three networks. Couples talked and shared their day with each other. And the dinner table was a place to catch up on family business.

Back in the day, people woke up early, ate dinner early and went to bed early. They drove giant gas-guzzler cars. Fashion was way different. And people weren't in so much of a rush like we are today, everyone rushing to get nowhere.

In the good old days, people spoke to one another, face to face. You didn't type what you wanted to say on an electronic device and hit send. And a phone wasn't in your pocket, it was attached to a wall.

All of these things may indeed contribute to the fact that most young people don't understand old people or their habits. No generation is perfect, but we must respect those who came before us so that we can understand where we're headed.

But we can still have a little fun exposing a few things that old people do to drive young people crazy, right?!

Things Old People Do That Young People Don't Understand

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