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Thieves Fined for Not Wearing Masks During Break-In

In Australia on Tuesday (Aug. 17), a group of thieves broke into a restaurant to steal some cash and booze. They fled the scene and escaped, only to be caught by the police later. Not only did the men get charged with unlawful entry and stealing, but they were also fined for not wearing masks while entering the restaurant during the pandemic! (via Daily Mail)

Are Saving Spots in Line Acceptable?

Do you get annoyed when you're waiting in a long line and a group of people cut in front of you, claiming to have been saved a spot by their friend? A new poll shows one-third of Americans find it unacceptable to save a spot in line for someone else, while 29 percent said allowing one person to join you on line is fine. (via YouGov)

What's Up With Alex Rodriguez's Red Porsche?

Fans were quick to notice that the red Porsche seen in a photo Alex Rodriguez recently shared on Instagram is actually the same car A-Rod had gifted J.Lo on her 50th birthday, while the pair were still dating. Many are now wondering if J.Lo returned the vehicle after their split, or if A-Rod asked for the car back. (via Page Six)

How Often Do You actually Work at Work?

Do you work the stereotypical 8 hour work day that everyone dreads? Well a recent study showed that the average person is actually only working for about 4 hours and 12 minutes of that time period. Surfing the internet, social media and texting are the main reason many are distracted from their actual work. (via Inc.)

Is Liam Payne Back With His Ex? 

Liam Payne and his ex-fiancé Maya Henry cut ties for good earlier this summer — or so fans thought. Payn recently confirmed the two are back together and that he has worked hard on himself to win her back. (via Gossie)

Chet Hanks Signs With Soulja Boy's Label

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's controversial son Chet Hanks previously went viral for his declaration that it would be a "white boy summer." It seems rapper Soulja Boy has taken Chet's white boy summer claim seriously, as he just signed Chet to his record label. (via Uproxx)

Sam Hunt Pleads Guilty to DUI

In 2019, country singer Sam Hunt was arrested for driving under the influence. This week, he pleaded guilty to DUI. He will lose his license for a year, and has been ordered to take an alcohol safety course. (via People)

Pop Stars Hit With Music Lawsuits

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