Pennywise from It is destined to be the, well, it costume for Halloween this year. It's got all the elements needed: it's from a hugely successful film, it's already steeped in pop culture lore thanks to Stephen King's landmark book and, most importantly, it's terrifying. Even if Pennywise wasn't so scary, he'd be the stuff of nightmares because clowns are horrifying. Go poll 10 strangers on the street — we guarantee multiple people will say they're scared of clowns.

But imagine this: this frightfest of a film could've been even more horrifying, thanks to a report about a deleted scene featuring Pennywise eating a baby. Wow, that makes Hannibal Lecter look like a choir boy, right?

And while Halloween is supposed to be scary, there's a new trend inspired by the film that may cross a line you don't want to step over without wearing an oversized shoe.

People are getting really into the spirit of the season by carving pumpkins in the image of Pennywise. Just imagine the legions of poor kids who'll go trick-or-treating only to be greeted by these spooky gourds at the front door. They're bound to drop their buckets of candy and run home where they can hide under the covers and shiver at the thought of ever returning to the circus.

We're certainly frightened looking at them and would even debate throwing them into the nearest lake, although we wonder if they float down there. Because, from what we hear, we all float.

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