I think I've made enough relationship mistakes in my life to be able to give advice on how to maintain a successful one.  Look, I've spent the money, the time, felt the heartache and loss to the point that at 55-years-old, I think I might just know what I'm doing now.  And you might should listen, 'cause I've already paid the bill.

There was an advertising campaign a long time ago that proclaimed, "You've come a long way baby".  And yes I have.  Boy if I knew then what I know now, I'd a done a lot of things different.  Not that  I would have changed my path, I've very secure in that, but I might would have done subtle things along the way to avoid going in the ditch on occasion.

And that's what I talk about in the video.  Five important things I believe a couple must have for a successful, happy relationship.  'Cause let's face it, many of you are in a relationship, but it is far from successful.  Watch, listen and rock your relationship or plan an exit.

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