For as long as we can remember, Bud Light has always been considered to be the "official" beer of Acadiana. However, it seems as if that crown has changed hands but none of us have admitted it.

Bud Light
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The Official Beer Of Cajun Country

For decades, if you ask anyone from Acadiana what beer they drink, it's always been about a 75% chance the answer is Bud Light.

Drinking Bud Light almost became a badge of honor as if to say "I'm from Acadiana and proud of it".

Having a fridge full of Bud Light in Acadiana was a way of you're local without ever actually having to say it.

However, over the past 7 years or so, there has been a quiet shift in what could be considered the "official" beer of Acadiana, and it seems like no one wants to admit it.

Is it because by crowning a new "official " beer of Cajuns and Creoles in Acadiana we feel as if we're disrespecting the culture of generations before is?

It's quite possible, but the fact of the matter is that there has been a seismic shift in the beer of choice in Acadiana, and it's time we admit it.

We need to talk about Michelob Ultra y'all.

Think about the last time you were tailgating, at a crawfish boil, Festival, pool party, etc. What beer did you see there?

Over the years, you've probably noticed that time and time again, it's Michelob Ultra you're seeing and drinking instead of Bud Light.

So, if we're being completely honest with ourselves and answering without Michelob Ultra now the "official" beer of Acadiana?

We've asked a few folks we trust who own bars, restaurants, and grocery stores what they're seeing sales-wise on this very important matter, and the overwhelming response was "Yes. Michelob Ultra sales have definitely overtaken Bud Light to become the new 'official beer' of Acadiana".

We're not just talking in one specific area in Acadiana either. We're talking in just about every city in Acadiana, Michelob Ultra has become the top choice in Acadiana.

What do you think? Has Michelob Ultra become the new "official" beer of Acadiana?

Let us know!

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