You may have seen our story about Vice President Kamala Harris coming to Lafayette this week. 

At the time, all we had were a few rumors and a very vague confirmation from the White House. What we got from Washington was a, "Yes, she's headed there" and a "No, we don't have any other information at this time" (paraphrased, of course).

Now it appears that more information has surfaced about her visit and, sadly, it doesn't involve being a Grand Marshal of a parade.

From what both KATC TV3 and KLFY are reporting, the word is that the Vice President is going to be visiting the Town of Sunset to talk about rural broadband internet.


Our news junkies at KPEL 96.5 got in touch with the office of Governor John Bel Edwards, and he confirmed what we're hearing.

“I am excited to welcome Vice President Harris to Louisiana on Friday and am honored that the White House has chosen our state to highlight the importance of broadband connectivity to rural cities and towns during her visit,” said Gov. John Bel Edwards. “Communities all over Louisiana will benefit from increased investments in and attention to broadband connectivity. We are ready to embrace opportunities to bring this important internet infrastructure to areas that need it so that we can improve our economic competitiveness, educational opportunities and quality of life.” - Governor John Bel Edwards

Rural broadband internet. Will Vice President Harris be talking about LUS Fiber?

Whether you agree (politically) with what the White House is trying to do, in theory, it's what we need. By providing access to high-speed internet to our rural, underserved, and poor areas, an improvement to our society can be made.

How many times have you heard that Louisiana is in competition to be last in education? Yes, we joke about it but, in reality, we are consistently near the bottom of the list. The internet can help.

Access to the internet = better education (that is if you don't spend your time online in an echo chamber).

Having high-speed internet can open whole new worlds for those who do not have access now. From educational materials to online banking to online government services, having high-speed internet can - and will - improve lives.

KLFY is reporting that the Vice President and the Secretary of Commerce will be flying into Lafayette on Friday, and then taking a motorcade to St. Landry Parish to give their presentation.

We'll update you when we have more information.

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