Larry Geller, Elvis Presley's hairdresser from 1964 till his death in 1977 and the last man to touch Elvis' body, talks about the day Elvis Presley met The Beatles.

Elvis Presley met The Beatles at his home in California on August 27, 1965.  Colonel Tom Parker, Presley's controversial manager, arranged the meeting.  He told everyone to keep it top secret so that there were no crowds or press outside the gates.  But being the shyster he was, called radio stations and press himself to let the word out.

As Priscilla Presley put it, it was more the Beatles who wanted to meet Elvis, not the other way around.  John, Paul, Ringo and George were so enamored by Elvis' presence, they just sat and stared at him.  Which prompted Elvis to say to them if they weren't going to talk or say anything he was, "Going to bed".

There were no recordings made that evening inside Presley's home.  No pictures were taken and no audio recorded.  There was a bit of a jam session.  Some of the guys played pool.  One thing that moved the Fab Four the most, is that Elvis had a television with a remote control.

John and Paul invited Elvis to their house which wasn't far from Presley's home.  Elvis' response was, "We'll see".

Later, John told Elvis' boys nicknamed the Memphis Mafia, that without Elvis there would be no Beatles.  And that Elvis was the first and best inspiration.  The boys told Elvis about the compliments and although he liked hearing those kind words, he never invited The Beatles back.


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