A new survey found that lots of Americans try to start their day positively but need a little help.

This won't come as a big surprise to those of us who grew up in South Louisiana, but a new survey revealed that half of those surveyed need coffee to start their day off positively. The survey was conducted by OnePoll and The Original Donut Shop Coffee and found that eighty - five percent of the people surveyed believed it's important to start the day with a positive outlook. Forty - eight percent said that smiling and waking up early is important and forty - three percent said meditation was also important. Half of all surveyed said that the most important thing that helps them start their day positively is drinking coffee.

In South Louisiana, we start our coffee addictions off with coffee milk at an early age. That could be one of the reasons we're one of the happiest places in the country! Click here to read the full article for other ways you can start your day off with a positive approach.


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