It seems like Halloween decorations are getting bigger and bigger every year.

I can remember trick-or-treating and the house with the bails of hay and the stuffed scarecrow was about as good as it got. If we were lucky we got to walk through a "haunted house" which was actually just a bunch of hanging trashbags arranged in a maze with a strobe light.

2020 may have been scary in a bunch of real-life ways that we won't discuss any further in this story, but The Home Depot is owning scary fun this Halloween with a ridiculously amazing 12-foot skeleton.

It's a piece of outdoor decor that is guaranteed to be the biggest Halloween prop on your block and will probably make you the talk of the town this fall.

Home Depot

Just ask Facebook user Carlee Kittyn.

This thing is so massive that an accompanying base piece is necessary to hold it all together. It says that it's made for indoor or outdoor use, so if you have high ceilings you can install this piece of nightmare fuel in your living room.

Home Depot

The best part is that this massive skeleton has animated eyes that not only light up but blink and move when activated. You don't have to worry about your light bill being "high" because it has an 8-hour on, 16-hour off function for the eyes to light up automatically.

I've said all of the good things, now here are a couple of not so good things. First of all, this thing will set you back nearly $300 and even if that isn't a problem for you there are currently none in stock at any Home Depot store within 100 miles of Lafayette.

Clearly, it's a hot item and you can order it online here—but just be prepared to find a friend to help you put it together because it will take at LEAST two people to get this thing into its final form.

If you or someone you know spots one of these in the area, please let me know about it because I just have to see it in real life to believe it.

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