Goodyear is offering something that, up until now, money couldn't buy. From October 22 - 24 you can stay in one of their three iconic blimps, which is listed on Airbnb as available for 2 people with one bed and one private bath.

The catch is, the blimp will stay grounded at their hangar in Mogadore, OH, but the price is defiantly right, at $150 a night. And that includes tickets to the big Michigan - Notre Dame football game in Ann Arbor, Michigan later in the week. Goodyear will start taking reservations on October 15th, so you need to monitor their listing closely to grab your spot.

Amenities include wifi, free parking, and breakfast on site, and sleeping quarters are inside the famous blimp gondolas. No alcohol can be brought in, but a full bar will be set up outside the blimp, which, BTW, is pretty cozy.

According to the official Airbnb listing 'The beloved Blimp has been providing aerial coverage of games since 1955 and later this season will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame - the first non-player or coach to ever receive the honor'.

This could be so much fun, so let us know if you need a friend to help you out with the cost, we'd love to go!

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