The first Hurricane of 2022 has officially formed.

According to Scott Pilie' from The Weather Channel, Hurricane Agatha is currently South of Mexico right now and is looking to have significant impacts in San Pedro/ South Mexico. Hurricane Agatha has wind speeds of 110 mph and is looking to be in the Bay of Campeche/ Western Caribbean/ South Gulf in the next 3-5 days.

Right now it looks like we are in the clear but are we really ever in the clear? Anything can change and we in South Louisiana are certainly used to that.

According to Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo at KATC, Hurricane Agatha should not be an issue for Acadiana, which is something that we can all be thankful for right now.

NOAA came out with the prediction that this season will be above average in terms of Hurricanes.

NOAA is predicting that we will experience the following this season:

  • They are calling for 14-21 named storms
  • They are predicting there will be 6-10 hurricanes
  • They are also predicting that of these, there will be 3-6 major hurricanes

To see the full list of 2022 Hurricane Names you can check out NOAA's tweet below:

It is always a good idea to get a plan for your family in place before a major Hurricane is on its way.

Be sure to know the evacuation route that you will take if you plan to leave.

Have enough food and water in your house if you do plan to stay. (and don't forget about the pets too!)

Be sure to talk to your children about what may happen during the storm. (This can freak children out, especially smaller children)

Have a plan if you lose water and electricity for more than a few hours.

Be sure to pack up valuables in water-tight boxes in case you have to evacuate at the last minute.

Don't forget about filling up your cars with fuel before the storm hits.

Whatever your 2022 Hurricane plan looks like just make sure you have one.


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