The video for the song "American Made" was posted to The Deplorable Choir's Facebook page, and it has already garnered over 214,000 views and over 1,000 comments.

The video appears to have been made at one of the flotillas that happened over the past few weeks in support of President Donald J. Trump. Proudly wearing their MAGA caps, these ladies belt out their support in nothing less than an angelic harmony.

One nation, under God, we won't give away what is our, because we're American made. Home of the brave. We won't apologize because we're American great. - Deplorable Choir, Facebook


The group, from Texas, lists on their "About" page:

Cj, Val, Linz...just think of us as Trump’s little cheerleaders! Deplorable Choir, Facebook


If you like the NRA, if you back the blue, if you love God and family, if you stand for the flag and aren't afraid to raise your hand to signify you are a "damn deplorable"**, then this group is for you!

Their voices are really great and their message comes across loud and clear.



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