Maybe you knew this, but I tend to be a little slow to catch on sometimes. Did you know the color of the twist ties on your loaf of bread tells you what day it was made? Here is what colors go with what days...

To be honest, I guess I've noticed the colors of the twist ties being different colors, but I never gave it any thought as to if it actually meant anything.

The widely accepted color coding is as follows -

Blue - Monday
Green - Tuesday
Red - Thursday
White - Friday
Yellow - Saturday

What about Wednesday and Sunday? According to bakeries have two days off, and those are Wednesdays and Sundays.

The color coding is actually meant for store clerks, not the bread buying public. Bread usually doesn't sit on a store's shelf very long anyway. It's more for the person stocking the bread to know what needs to be rotated or taken away.

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