Looking to give a taste of Cajun country to someone in another state? Here are a few great suggestions.

We all know someone who is either from Acadiana or South Louisiana and has moved away or who lives in another state. Both would probably appreciate a gift unique to South Louisiana. Here are a few suggestions.

Most of these are food items, but c'mon...did you expect anything else?

Community and/or Mello Joy coffee

Abita beer

Cajun sweet dough tarts and sweets from Acadian Bakery

Zapp's chips

Tabasco and Tabasco - flavored items

Cajun and creole seasoning and sauces and meal mixes (Tony's, Zatarain's, Cajun Power, Guidry's, Cajun Injector, Slap Ya Mamma, and many, many more!)

Boudin and other meats from various local shops

King cakes from various local bakeries

If there's something you think should make this list, drop us a line on Facebook and let us know!

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