Summer vacation is here and that might mean your children will be spending a little more time alone at the house. While you want to keep your home secure you can't always count on even the most trustworthy little ones to remember to bring their key when they leave the house and lock the door.

Let's face it, almost all of us have a spare key to our home floating around somewhere outside the protected perimeter of that home. If you are one to hide a spare key under a doormat or in a flower pot by the front door. You might as well not even lock the door. We all know to look there first.

Another not good place to hide a key is under a fake rock. Unless that fake rock actually looks like a rock that should be in your flowerbed, yard, or on your patio table. Yes, some people put the fake rock on top of furniture making it even more conspicuous.

So to review, the worst places to hide a key, under a doormat, in or under a flower pot, in or under and obviously fake rock.

Now for the better places to hide a key. Have you considered nailing a key to a tree in your yard? Nobody would look there. Just hang it away from the street and not too close to the door.

While fake rocks are passe' how about a fake sprinkler head? You can find those online for just a few bucks. Sprinkler heads are a lot more complicated looking than rocks so chances are your key would be safe in there.

If you have vinyl siding on your house you can probably find a place in the siding where you can slip a key underneath one of the panels. You might want to tie a piece of fishing line to the key to make it easier to remove from your wall.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help keep the bad guys out but allow the good guys to get where they need to be. Now, if we can just help you figure out how to keep that car locked all the time you'd really be miles ahead of the bad guys.


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