FX Russian spy drama The Americans feels uncomfortably topical in its twilight years, so we could use a laugh. A deeply … deeply unsettling laugh. Ahead of Season 5’s finale, have a look at The Americans as a cheery ‘80s sitcom centered around Paige, with no horrific murder, espionage or treason creeping in at all!

The network itself released the new parody intro, re-positioning The Americans as a lighthearted family sitcom about Paige Jennings (Holly Taylor), her loving parents, a wacky neighbor … and perhaps the odd Russian diplomat. We won’t spoil the whole thing, but suffice to say, the more familiar Americans tone manages to bleed back in.

The Americans will conclude its fifth and penultimate season with Tuesday’s “The Soviet Division,” while 2018 will bring the series to a close with a ten-episode final season. Something tells us the outcome won’t be so jovial as the above promo would suggest.

You can watch a trailer for the finale below, and stay tuned for the latest.

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