You may have seen the hilarious video about the unhappy customer who's been delivered a pizza with nothing on it. As it turns out, the customer opened the box upside down and she's actually looking at the underside of the pizza.

It's really unimaginable how someone can be so, to put it delicately, so unintelligent. The stupidity exuded in this video is so unimaginable, one has to laugh. It's obvious from the beginning that the pizza is upside down. But the two women in the video have no idea and are on the phone with the manager of Domino's relentlessly complaining about how they ordered. a pepperoni pizza with cheese and that the pizza has's just dough.

What most social media users fail to notice, it that this video, like most from the original host, is fake. These are scripted. The videos come with a clearly stated disclaimer that the videos are purely "fictitious and for the purpose of entertainment". But they are funny.

But besides all of that, you know this has more than likely happened in real-life somewhere in the world.

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