I had lunch with a few guys from the Army recruiting command yesterday, during First Sergeant Todd Tourville's last few days in Lafayette.

We had lunch at the Bayou Bistro at Hotel Acadiana (next door to Scandal's).  All four of us decided to have the buffet, which included fried chicken and red beans and rice.  The good food was only part of the great lunch.

Captain Jose' Torres, Sergeant First Class Robert Harter, First Sergeant Todd Tourville and I talked music, politics, food, motorcycles and Jeeps, but, most importantly, we talked.  It was a nice visit.

There really isn't much of a point to this story other than this:  it's good to call your friends up out of the blue and invite them to lunch.  And, it's good to thank someone for their service.

1SG Tourville will be leaving Lafayette in a few days, retiring after more than enough years (25) in the Army.  Even though I've only known him for the past few months, it's easy to see his commitment to both his "home" family and his "work" family; hearing how highly his co-workers speak of him only solidifies my observation.

Dedicating your life to something is a good thing to do; dedicating your life to your country is a noble thing to do.

Top, enjoy your retirement with your family and know that I, and many others in Acadiana, appreciate your service.

First Sergeant Tourville (Staff Photo)
First Sergeant Tourville (Staff Photo)

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