Kalahari Resorts & Conventions in Texas is the newest water park resort and is now open, despite COVID-19. The water park located in Round Rock has been in the works for five years and it is the largest water park resort in the United States.

The resort will only operate at 50% capacity for right now due to the pandemic. But, 50% of their 900 rooms, including suites, is still a lot of rooms, according to CBS DFW. Other COVID safety protocols are in place like scaled back dining and retail shops, and face coverings while not in the water or dining.

“We have limited capacity because we want families to feel safe and comfortable throughout the resort,” Kalahari spokesman Travis Nelson.

According to Kalahari spokesperson Travis Nelson, the resort is going to be a tourism attraction and he thinks it may even draw tourists nationally. The 223,000 square food indoor water park is just the beginning of the entertainment as the resort also has an amusement park open to the public.

It sounds like it will be a great place to hold business events or large family functions too with their convention center.

A Look Inside Texas' Largest Indoor Waterpark

This definitely sounds like a great family vacation. For more information, click here.

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