Steve Wiley posted a comment about tattoos on Facebook over the weekend, and it got me to thinking about how differently people react to them.

Some of the people who responded were definitely "against" tattoos, while others were in favor. Barbara's comment read:

Steve I am ticket taker at the Heymann and have seen several that have that and am appalled, it is disgusting!

Cheryl's comment:

I just don't understand what anyone finds attractive in a tattoo

Debby said:

To me it's self expression. No different than a woman wearing make up or piercing her ears or cosmetic surgery. It's a personal choice.

I have a tattoo, on my lower leg, which reminds me of my days in the military.

When people find out that I have a tattoo, they are usually shocked:  "You?!??!  A tattoo??!??"  Yes, me.  A tattoo.

I knew that it was going to be "permanent" when I walked into the place to get it done (it was in Abbeville, near the theater, if I remember right).  I knew that the design that the tattoo artist drew was VERY close to the original design, and I knew that my mother wouldn't like it.

Why do people get tattoos?  Mine was because I did something that I was very proud of; something that I wasn't sure I was going to be able to go through with.  It isn't for other people to see, or for their 'enjoyment'; it is for me.  Sure, you can look at it.  If you don't like it, I'm not sorry:  it's for me.  Call me selfish if you will, my feelings won't be hurt.

I think that some people get tattoos strictly for the shock value.  Some have people have compared their love for tattoos to "an addiction".  I've seen countless military-style tattoos on veterans, proudly displaying their branch of service or grid coordinates of where they were injured during the war.  Others tell me that they got a tattoo at the request of their sig-o.  One of the waitresses at a restaurant I frequent has a tattoo on her wrist:  the date of her father's death.

Back Tattoo
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Jimmie had this comment:

I have ink and I like ink...  I HATE tats on the neck and face of anyone.  I HATE tats on women's breast and/or across their upper chest.   Also, very large "manly" tats on their arms and legs as well.  All in all, I guess I just don't care for tats on women at all....

Face Tattoo
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I don't have a problem with most tattoos that are visible in public (unless it is something that is tasteless or vulgar: nudity, profanity, the image of Chris Brown); I understand that it is probably just a display of self-expression.

Miley's Tattoo
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What is your take?  Would you be okay if your spouse or sig-o came home with new "ink"?  Take this poll and let us know!


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