Is there such a thing as 'too early' when it comes to getting into the holiday spirit?

I've said that this holiday season will be one of the most important holiday seasons in recent memory due to the 2020 that so many of us have had to endure. Christmas is something that can offer up those semblances of normalcy that so many of us crave but may be deprived of due to COVID, hurricanes, elections, or whatever has had you on edge this year.

Think about those car rides when we were kids where the family packed in and just drove for hours, looking at Christmas lights in neighborhoods all over town through an ice-cold windshield while holiday tunes played on the radio. That scenario is actually covid-friendly, and I think it will be more important than ever to take in that nostalgic feeling to fight off any funk that 2020 may have put you in.

If you'd like to get that feeling sooner than later, there's a place in northeast Louisiana that can put you in the holiday spirit as soon as next week. It's called Candy Cane Lane and they're headed into their 4th year as a mile-long wooded drive fully decorated with over 1 million Christmas lights!

You can check out their website here for prices and more information, but they will be ready to go beginning on November 13 and will roll past Christmas until January 2 so you can still get that holiday fix into the new year. Also, if you're looking for more Christmas attractions in our region, here's a list of holiday events that took place last year that are worth looking into.

Here's to the holidays and hopefully you and your family having a Merry Christmas!

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