Here’s Exactly How to Follow Rebel Wilson’s Diet, Called The Mayr Method
When Rebel Wilson posted from a private jet on her way to Palm Beach Florida this past Memorial Day Weekend, the photo garnered nearly five thousand comments in favor of her glammed-up appearance, and svelte new figure. She was wearing a fitted black off-the-shoulder top and biker-style shorts but it was her tiny waist and slimmed down body that really had fans going wild. Her foll...
To Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off, Just Start Juicing, Studies Find
When June comes around faster than a bullet train and we still haven't shed the extra padding from a winter of working from home, what is there to do but look for healthy ways to detox? One often-cited study shows that the best way to jumpstart weight loss and improve gut health (to lower inflammation) quickly is a short but deliberate juice fast, even if you only swap out some of your meals for j

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