Imagine buying a very expensive gift for your spouse on their birthday and after you give it to them, you find out it was stolen! Well, that is exactly what happened to Jason Scott from North Carolina. The Moore County Army Veteran bought his wife a 2021 Maserati Levante SUV from Carvona for $68,000 in November 2022.

Scott said, the day it arrived "It was exciting for it to be coming down the hill, waiting for it outside, everything was fine." In February 2023, he took the SUV to the Maserati dealership to be serviced and that's when things went left. Scott alleges, "That's when they found out that the vehicle was stolen."

According to ABC11 News, the Maserati technician discovered that the VIN number and parts on the luxury SUV didn't match. Even more startling, the dealership mechanic told Mr. Scott and noted on the service center paperwork that the Maserati was not a 2021, it was a 2017 model. After further investigation, they found the SUV was listed as "Actively Stolen."

The Army Veteran was in disbelief and explained to an ABC 11 News reporter, "When they check the VIN number on the chassis, that's when they saw that it was a stolen vehicle. VIN on the car on the window and the car door was different." Did Carvana already know this? If not, they have some major inspection issues!

What happened next? The dealership called the police. They obviously had a very strong feeling that the luxury SUV was stolen. When the officers arrived they questioned the dumbfounded Army vet, but he showed the police all his paperwork to prove that he purchased the vehicle legally and he was free to go.

However, the police confiscated the stolen Maserati and Scott had to find another way to get home. Furious, he called Carvana immediately to demand the return of his $68,000 and report what had just happened. According to Mr. Scott, the Carvana service rep said,

"We can't trade the vehicle back in until you bring the vehicle back." He responded. "I can't bring the vehicle back. The police have the vehicle!"

It is an unbelievable story and truly unfortunate. It should also serve as an eye-opener for anyone who buys a used vehicle, especially from a second party and not the dealership that made it. Below is Mr. Scott telling an ABC 11 reporter his unbelievable story.

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