This sounds like a scene in a movie.

Louisiana State Police were involved in a chase Tuesday afternoon after a suspect allegedly fled the scene of a traffic stop.

WBRZ reports that Quentin Vezia jumped back into his vehicle when officers were questioning him about potential drugs in his vehicle, and that is when the chase began across several parish lines.

The wild chase reportedly came to an end when the suspect wrecked his vehicle at a gas station, but not before jumping out of the moving vehicle.

While the vehicle was still moving, officers say that is when it ran over one of the suspect's legs.

Officers were able to capture him after the mishap and he was transported to a local medical family.

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WBRZ says in their report that Vezia had a woman and a child with him during the pursuit, but amazingly they were not injured in the chase or crash.

Officers on the scene did find two pounds of methamphetamine and three pounds of marijuana that were in the car that the suspect was driving.

In addition to that, several other drugs were seized from the suspect's house and a number of warrants have been issued for his arrest upon being released from the hospital.

For more on this story visit WBRZ. 


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