A home surveillance camera captured the moment that one family's 4th of July celebration went up in smoke. The video shows a firework shooting under a parked vehicle and eventually erupting, sending all of the spectators scattering for safety.


Everything was going perfectly fine.

Adults and children were both sitting on the lawn as fireworks were being set-off near the sidewalk.


Unfortunately, there was a malfunction with one of the fireworks which actually ended up shooting off towards the driveway.

A child was seemingly struck by a spark of the firework, which startled them.


A short moment after that, an adult realized that a soon-to-explode firework had traveled under a vehicle and was smoking tremendously.

This is when adults ran to grab the children and bring them to safety.


Home Surveillance Camera Captures the Moment a Family's 4th of July Party Went Up in Smoke

See the dramatic video for yourself via @new_orleansjazz on Twitter below.

Reactions to the clip coming from Twitter below.

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