Size matters. Yes, the cliche is true.

These two German men riding in a French elevator can attest to that. You see, these two beer-gulping fellas stepped into an elevator that was so small even sardines would be claustrophobic.

It's incredibly narrow and both men have trouble squeezing inside the lift. Heck, if either one of them was just a few pounds heavier they wouldn't fit and would be forced to take the stairs. That's the risk you run when you step onto a mode of transportation that looks like it was designed to be installed in a building that houses the World Anorexic Society.

Just be thankful elevators like this don't exist in the U.S. Given our penchant for eating, ever-expanding waistlines and sedentary lifestyles we'd be wedged like a piece of cheese in a wheel and would probably have to be rescued by being greased up with so much butter out cholesterol would skyrocket higher than any elevator could ever take you.

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