This Sunday will mark the 100th time the two teams have played each other in the regular season, and the Falcons hate is as strong as ever.

The Saints vs Falcons rivalry has been the most heated in the NFL for over half a century. In recent years, the Saints have definitely had the Falcons number but Atlanta actually leads the series overall 52-48.

As a matter of fact, according to, the Saints haven't played any other team in the league more than the Falcons.

At the start of every season, I always say that if the Saints wind up being 2-14 I'll be ok with long as the two wins are against Atlanta.

New Orleans and Atlanta have also met once in the playoffs in 1991. Unfortunately the Falcons won that game 27 to 20.

To illustrate how serious Falcons hate week is, check out this video from the Jefferson Parish School Board's Facebook page.

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