Yesterday was a bad day to be an Atlanta Falcons fan.

That statement rings true the majority of the time, but yesterday was particularly painful for anyone crazy enough to root for the Dirty Birds.

In a season-opening game at home against their hated rival the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta managed to pull defeat from the jaws of victory, losing the game 27-26 after holding a big lead in the 4th quarter.

Blowing big leads isn't anything new for the Falcons, who have a habit of being on the wrong side of epic comebacks.

No one takes more joy in the Falcons' suffering than New Orleans Saints fans.

In the aftermath of Atlanta's loss, head coach Arthur Smith had to face the media in his postgame press conference.

He was anything but welcoming, lighting up the media for always writing his team off. Can you blame them?

Atlanta sportscaster Kelly Price was present to witness Smith's anger toward the media for planning the 2022 team's metaphorical funeral.

The Falcons are notorious for "learning" how to blow big leads. Learning how not to is something they struggle with.

Cue the "storm off the podium" moment of the press conference.

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