When I got home on Thursday, the house was cool, but something didn't sound right:  upon investigating, the blower motor on our central unit wasn't on.  The outside unit was on, the plenum was cold, but there was no air flow.

Being the son of a man who could do anything, I learned a few things about air conditioning, and, with one phone call, confirmed my diagnosis:  power to the motor.  Tonight I will be troubleshooting, because 'sweaty' isn't the way I like to sleep!


Warmer temperatures are here, so I thought that I would do the research for you:  here are 3 websites that give tips about your air conditioning system.  The first one gives tips about normal use of your unit; the second gives tips about repairs; the third gives tips on how to cool yourself without air conditioning (if none of the other tips work, I guess!!).

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