The Sugar Cane building in New Iberia has been vandalized so badly, officials say the damage could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. reports significant to severe damage has been found inside of the building. Broken lights, fire extinguisher chemicals, smashed cabinets, broken mirrors and more has been found throughout The Sugar Cane Building.

Iberia Parish President Larry Richard says insurance adjusters are currently assessing the damage, but he hasn't received the final reports yet.

"Carts that held folding chairs used for performances were rolled off the stage, apparently as fast as they could be pushed, and launched into the auditorium seating, damaging some of the wooden fold-up permanent chairs in the facility. Other furniture, tables, and trash cans were also strewn around the auditorium.

There were also other, more extensive acts of vandalism to the building’s infrastructure. A cursory walk through of some of the public areas of the building gave the impression of damage that could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Officials say they are hoping the insurance policy carried by the Parish can cover the damages.

If you have any information that can help police catch the people responsible, please call (337) 369-2306 or call Iberia Crime Stoppers at (337) 364-TIPS.

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