It's a study that has been out, but with more and more people taking the at-home COVID test these days it is worth noting once again.

Vanderbilt University recently released the findings of a study that identified when your at-home tests were most accurate.

Yes, there is actually a certain time of the day when these at-home tests are most accurate and it appears to be in the afternoon hours.

So why is that? Well, according to the study, it's because more virus particles are released into our blood and mucus by mid-day.

Therefore, the longer you wait in the day to take the test, the more accurate your result may be when testing for COVID.

The study out of Vanderbilt also notes that after 8 pm, the viral load in your body begins to decrease, which can lead to a False-negative. Thus, you think you don't have COVID and could possibly expose more to the virus you actually have.

What's interesting is that this remains true for just about any other virus. The longer you wait in the day, the more accurate results may be when testing for any type of virus.

Check out more on this study below.


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