A High School student was reportedly "asked to leave class" after refusing to take down a Trump flag seen hanging in his room during a virtual learning class.

New Jersey's Anthony Ribeiro, a 17-year-old student at Toms River High School North says he was asked by two teachers to remove a Trump 2020 flag hanging behind him on his bedroom wall while attending virtual classes.

KNOE.com reports when asked to leave class for refusing to take the Trump flag down, Ribeiro "waved goodbye" and logged out of the class.

Ribeiro says the same thing happened the next day when he logged on for a different class, but decided to take the flag down when asked fearing choosing not to do so might affect his grade.

Anthony's mother Tara Jost tells News 12 New Jersey “To me, it’s not about politics. It’s about something in our home that we had, and my son was taken away from his studies for it. It’s very upsetting to me and very frustrating that this teacher would do that.”

The family says they want an apology from the school.

Obviously we've all heard about Ka'Mauri Harrison, the 9-year-old Jefferson Parish student who was suspended for having a BB gun in his room during a virtual learning session. Now, we've got this incident where at least the High School student hasn't been suspended.

You can read more on this story over at KNOE.com and newjersey.news12.com.


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