I was walking through the back yard here at the radio station, and something caught my eye.

Is it yours?  It appears to be priceless!

What I mean by priceless is: if A Bryan's Jewelers appraised it for me, they wouldn't be able to come up with a price (because they are honest).  They'd probably say it was worth a cup of coffee (the free kind you get in your hotel room at the Say-Less Motel).  Oh, wait: did I say "priceless"?  I might have should have said "worthless".

This discovery got me to wondering what the strangest thing is that my co-workers have found in their yards.  I did a survey, and here are the Top 10 responses, in no particular order:

  1. Respondent's neighbor's kid passed out drunk.
  2. Random drunk stranger
  3. A dead possum (proudly delivered by respondent's golden retriever, tail wagging
  4. Respondent's ex.
  5. A bag that contained feminine hygiene product and some marijuana
  6. The leg of a super-hero action figure
  7. Man stealing items out of a car parked in front of respondent's house.
  8. Respondent's roommate.... face down.... in his underwear.
  9. An anteater.   (Really?  An anteater?  Yup.  An anteater!)
  10. A tombstone (true story: turns out that the house we were renting in Maurice was, at one time, owned by the man who managed the cemetery. He would take home old tombstones to fill holes in the yard.  While repairing the fence, I dug up a tombstone!)

So, it looks like humans are the most common "strangest" thing found in one's yard, according to my coworkers.  What have you found?


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