The KTDY transmitter site is on Section 28 Road in St. Martin Parish, and while I was driving to the site I noticed these beautiful bird house-like structures mounted to the trees lining the Catahoula Highway.

I noticed them not too far out of St. Martinville, and I decided to see how far they line the highway. I drove almost all the way to Catahoula, and counted 9.  They seem to be affixed to trees every couple of miles, and they look like there are silhouettes of people inside the boxes.

boxes trees catahoula photo by John Falcon
Box on a tree on Catahoula Highway.  Photo by John Falcon

I asked the young lady at the convenience store about the boxes on the trees, and she looked at me like I was crazy. (She is probably right, in all honesty.)


Anyway, are these birdhouses? I really couldn't see an entry hole on them but, then again, I didn't take time to get out of the vehicle and get a closer look.

This probably won't be a mystery to those living in the St. Martinville/Catahoula area, so I am hoping someone can shed some light on the subject!

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