What happens when straight people talk about gay people sounds somewhat like a reality show, oh it's a reality show alright.  In this video, some people are left speechless.  Every human being should watch this.Debbie Ray and I talked about a situation with boxing great Evander Holyfield, this morning.  He compared being gay to being handicapped.  He said, "They can be fixed".

Evander Holyfield
Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images

With so much bullying in the world, this whole gay/straight thing is not good for society.  Over 160,000 children a day in this country, stay home from school because of being bullied.  It has to stop ladies and gentlemen; it has to stop.

MPAA In Washington DC Hosts Screening Of The Weinstein Company's "Bully" With Panel Discussion
Kris Connor, Getty Images for The Weinstein Company

A news crew took to the streets to ask straight individuals about being gay.  This video will astound you.  If it doesn't, it should.

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