How would you like to be the proud owner of a walnut wood veneer replica of Steven Tyler's face?  For the right bid on eBay, it could be yours.  The starting bid was $49.95 for this fine piece of art from Adams Center, NY

So here's the deal... This man was joining together two pieces of walnut wood veneer for a project he was building.  He looked over at his wife and said; "Look... There's a face in there!" She took a peak and said; "OMG, IT'S STEVEN TYLER!!!!" Apparently, some folks believe this marvelous piece of wood is an unmistakable likeness of Aerosmith Rocker and American Idol Judge Steven Tyler.  The giant lips, long, straggly hair, etc.  eBay Sellers believe the accidental wood replica looks like the drawing of Steven Tyler on Aerosmith's "Draw the Line" album. What do you think?   Bidding is open, how much will you pay?