Aerosmith are in New Orleans for their performance at Jazzfest on Saturday (5/5). Apparently, Steven Tyler wanted to enjoy the city before the show.

According to TMZ, Tyler was walking down Bourbon St. last night (5/3) and the band playing at The Famous Door was informed that the famous frontman was near. As the band is playing the massive hit "Walk This Way" from one of the biggest bands in the world, their guitar player jumped out of the bar to invite him on stage.

As only Steven Tyler can, he coolly walked into the bar and hopped on stage with the band.

Now, I can't imagine how this band felt right then. Excitement? Terror? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, however, I'm sure every single person playing in that band had the thought of, "I better not screw this part up."

The fact that Steven Tyler took his time to not only join the band on stage, but actually take part in the song is amazing. He certainly didn't have to do that. Instead, he made the band members, as well as the patrons that witnessed it's year.

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