Most of you know Steve Wiley as the big Teddy Bear sounding radio announcer that's on KTDY right in the middle of the workday.  What you may not know is that Steve is also the Music Director for KTDY.  Many industry leaders would agree that a knowledgeable, conscientious Music Director is key to the success of any radio station.  We've always known that Steve was one of the best Music Directors in the country, now he's being recognized as such.

I met Steve almost 24 years ago.  He was working at Color Tile in Lafayette.  Shilling Media had just purchased KMDL and Cool 96 and we were in desperate need of a Music Director.  I went into Color Tile to try and convince Steve to come back to radio and become the Music Director and midday host for Cool 96.  After several conversations, he finally agreed.  About 2 years later, in 1997, Debbie Ray, Steve and I were all moved over to help a struggling KTDY bounce back.  Steve's knowledge of many different genres of music allowed him to fit right into the Music Director position at KTDY which was and still is Acadiana's at work adult hits station.  Wiley has been the midday host and Music Director on 99.9 KTDY in Lafayette for 21 years this January, 2018.

New Music Weekly Magazine has recognized Steve's efforts by nominating him for Top AC (Adult Contemporary) Music Director in the U.S. for 2018.  To win he will have to receive the majority of votes from industry professionals, music producers and artists and people just like you and me.

After you fill out the 3 lines of information at the very top, look for this drop-down box.  Highlight Steve's name, click VOTE at the bottom and that's it!

Vote For Steve
Townsquare Media, Staff Photo

I know Steve would appreciate the vote, his radio family surely will.  Thank you Steve Wiley for 21 years of excellence and thank you Acadiana for voting.  No one deserves this more than Mr. Wiley.


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