I've been a Star Trek fan since I was a kid. The franchise wasn't expected to survive its first season. Fifty-one years later, the newest incarnation has had its much- hyped premiere. I sat down to watch the first episode of "Star Trek Discovery" with the mindset it would be a one hour commercial for CBS: All Access. The commercial worked, at least for me. My interest was sufficiently piqued that I subscribed so I could see episode 2 after vowing not to do so. It's a clear departure from what "Trekkies" are accustomed to. From the beginning moments, it felt more like a movie than a TV show. There wasn't a lot of character development in episode 1. There were reasons for that. There were surprises from the "get-go." Who would have thought the central character would be thrown in the brig in the show's first installment? After watching episode 2, I read a very negative online review, with which I totally disagree. Some old Trek fans won't like it. I'm picturing a despondent Sheldon Cooper. Here's my only problem with "Discovery." CBS is potentially limiting its viewership by making "Discovery" available on only one platform. There were a reported one day record number of sign ups for All Access. That being said, restricting the show's availability seem stupid to me, given the investment CBS has made.

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