Today, January 25th, is my late father, Harold Wiley's birthday. It's not a "landmark" birthday in the sense that it isn't a number ending in Zero. It IS the 30th anniversary of an event that brought him great joy. We'll get to that in a bit. Dad was old school, and self reliant. When he wanted a new bicycle, he found a job & saved his money. He joined the US Army at 17. Technical Corporal Wiley taught English to Japanese school children after WWII. Upon returning to the US, he worked his way through college. Dad became a teacher & high school basketball coach. He later became a high school principal. Dad presented me with my diploma. He & 3 of his friends created a man made lake in the Adirondack mountains. I'm proud to say I had a small hand in that. Dad was a longtime diehard fan of the "New York Football Giants." They won their first Super Bowl 30 years ago today, on his birthday. He left us on May, 2nd, 2001. Dad's celebrating in heaven. Two of his children, Doug & Kathi are with him. Happy birthday, Dad!

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