Step aside Butterball, there's a company that started its beginnings back in the early 1970s that guarantees a better-tasting turkey. A turkey that is so moist and tasty, you and your family will like turkey again or for the first time ever.

Like a good steak, all turkeys are not the same. The way a turkey is raised, what it's feed, even the source of the egg from which it's hatched, matters. KellyBronze Farms located in Crozet, Virginia is changing the way turkey tastes.

In a recent survey by Instacart, of the 2000 U.S. participants, 68% claim to dislike the traditional Thanksgiving menu and 19% expressed their dislike, specifically, of turkey. That may be because of the turkey itself and absolutely nothing to do with the way the bird is seasoned or cooked.

Commercial companies produce turkeys year-round using intensive production methods that don't always lead to great-tasting birds.

At KellyBronze, eggs are produced when hens would naturally lay them in the spring. They only lay eggs naturally for 10 weeks out of the year.

A KellyBronze turkey is raised free-range at a ratio of 500 birds per acre. Giving turkeys plenty of room to exercise. The average commercial turkey farm houses 16,000 birds per acre in barns. In addition, KellyBronze turkeys are fed only a natural diet.

The maturity of a turkey has everything to do with its flavor. KellyBronze turkeys are twice the age of a commercial turkey. You'll not only taste the difference but see the difference as well. The meat is marbled, something you won't see in a commercially produced bird. KellyBronze turkeys make their own gravy...that's how amazing these birds are.

No water ever touches a KellyBronze turkey during the plucking process, as in current commercial turkey processing. KellyBronze discovered a long time ago that dry plucking enhances shelf life and allows the meat to dry-age, something giant commercial manufactures can't deliver.

KellyBronze turkeys are hung for at least 7 days. There is a 3% weight loss on every turkey but this step enhances the taste to create an award-winning flavor for you and your family. You will taste the difference. (Tendons are also removed. Eating a turkey leg from these turkeys is an experience like no other.)

KellyBronze, to date, is the only egg to oven turkey farm company in the U.S.

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Call: 5407241654

The world may have changed, rest assured our luxury turkey hasn't. -Paul Kelly

Even the experts agree KellyBronze is better.

KellyBronze introduced fully recyclable and plastic-free shipping packages last year.

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