St. Mary Parish escaped the wrath of Hurricane Ida.

Just 24 hours before landfall, Morgan City was still near the center of Ida's cone of uncertainty. In the hours before landfall, the storm shifted farther east, sparing the parish of major damage. Still, Ida's winds did fell at least one tree and some branches in Morgan City. The Franklin area saw minor storm debris.

According to KATC's Abby Breidenbach, sheriff's deputies strictly enforced the Sunday-night curfew in the parish. Breidenbach says she and her photographer were pulled over by deputies because they were in an unmarked car. When she asked deputies what kind of damage they had seen, they told her they didn't see much of anything. Breidenbach also said she asked the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office's spokesperson for an interview. That spokesperson declined because he said he wouldn't have anything to report.

Breidenbach summed up the St. Mary Parish situation like this: "No news is good news."

Indeed it is.

Here is the full interview with Abby Breidenbach from KPEL's Acadiana's Morning News.

The Franklin Mayor's Office a photo of Franklin after the storm to highlight the lack of damage in the city. Mayor Eugene Foulcard wrote that he is extremely grateful and thankful that the storm missed his city. He also called on residents to begin helping their neighbors to the east.

"Now is the time we pull together and help our neighbors," Foulcard wrote. "Some families in these areas will unfortunately have lost everything. Churches, businesses and organizations...together we can help!"

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