Spring is in the air, and maybe you've noticed that the ladies have started covering themselves in floral prints. Maybe you're wondering if you, too, should celebrate the end of a long, cold winter by changing up your wardrobe?

Obviously, the answer is yes, or this would be a really short post. Here are four ways to add a vernal vibe to your threads:

Add Some Color

colored belts

Adding color to your wardrobe isn't just for women and ice dancers. You can easily add some bright, pastel hues without going too far outside your comfort zone. First, try it with an accessory, like a belt or a tie (see top).You can wear more color with confidence if you go bright one piece at a time and don't overdo it.

Consider wearing brighter colors -- yes, even pinks -- layered with neutral items like a jacket or thin sweater. And, if you're going to branch out to multiple colors at once, be sure to keep them in the same overall family.

Shorten Your Pants

colorful socks

A trend that popped up last year and seems to be carrying over into the warmer seasons is a shorter casual pant. The days are getting longer, and it's okay if your pants get shorter. (And no, we are not recommending Capris.)

Invest in a shorter pair of Dockers or roll up the ones you have a bit to show off colorful shoes or socks. Spring means it's totally okay to show off ankles again, at least in a casual setting.

Time for a New Hat

Remove that wool flat cap or knit skull cap and trade it in for a fresh, more colorful New Era piece. Or go with a more relaxed, weekend look in a bucket hat, which promises to be the new thing we're all sick of by the end of summer.

If those are too trendy, stick to a style you like, but freshen it up. Whichever way you go, don't be afraid of colors or patterns, but keep it simple.

Change Up That Bag

colored bags

In this day and age, there's nothing wrong with a man carrying a bag. There is, however, something wrong with a man carrying a bag that looks like it belongs to a child. And if your messenger bag feels off now that there's more color in your wardrobe, go for something new and vibrant.

A colored rucksack or strapped duffel can get you to and from work with a little extra style. (Models pictured can be found here and here.)

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